Maximising space, in style

Mezzanine floors represent the most stylish and budget-friendly way of adding an extra dimension to your operation without the disruption and expense of building an extension or relocating.

Mezzanine floors can become functional yet stylish offices. They can be designer showrooms, sales suites, highly practical mezzanine storage or warehousing areas. We have designed and built single and multi-tiered flooring that accommodates offices, work areas, computer floors, production facilities and clean rooms. We have even installed cafes and staff relaxation areas on bespoke floors.

How much does a Mezzanine Floor Cost?

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Our expert mezzanine team designs to your specifications. So a perfect, fast fit is guaranteed. We liaise with fast-track Approval Inspectors or your own consultants – to expedite the required Building Regulation Approval as quickly as possible. We organise the installation to cause minimum disruption to your operation. We offer a huge range of structures, finishes and accessories to ensure your mezzanine floor looks like an integral part of your operation, not an afterthought.


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