Frameless Glass Partitions

Storage and Interior Concepts have just completed a new office in Melton Mowbray. The partition is frameless glass with an aluminium door frame around a glass door. New full height cupboard walling, carpet tiles and furniture.

Frameless Glass Partitions are a type of glass wall used to divide a space with no visible frame. It is popular in modern office buildings and commercial spaces because it provides a sleek and contemporary look, and allows natural light to flow through the space.

Usually constructed using tempered glass (heat-treated to make it more durable and resistant to shattering), the glass panels are held in place by unobtrusive floor and ceiling channels, expertly fitted so the glass appears to float within the space.

Unlike traditional walls the often make a space feel closed off and dark, a frameless glass partition allows natural light to penetrate through the space, creating a bright and airy environment known to improve employee well-being and of course productivity!

Frameless glass partitions can be used to create a range of different spaces, including meeting rooms, offices and reception areas. Partitions can be customised to suit your specific, for example frosted or coloured glass for privacy or branding.

A frameless glass partition is relatively easy and quick to install as there is no need for a structural frame. The installation process is less disruptive and quicker than building traditional walls.

Frameless glass partitions are durable and a low-maintenance option. The tempered glass is easy to clean and is resistant to scratches and other damage. This makes it a cost-effective option as it requires less maintenance and repair than traditional walls.

The sleek and contemporary design of an office with Frameless Glass Partitions, creating open and transparent spaces, its versatility and ease of installation as well as its and durability make it an attractive option when looking to create a modern and welcoming environment.

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