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Stylish and Secure Workplace Lockers

With stringent health and safety restrictions in the workplace. It is important that your employees have a designated, and secure area to store all of their belongings. Bags, food, coats and other loose clothing must be kept off shop floors. With this in mind it is vital that Workplace lockers are available to employees.

It’s equally important that those possessions don’t go missing. Companies are frequently dealing with claims from employees that personal items have gone missing from the bag they left on the shelf in the staff room. To avoid this, you need somewhere not only safe, but secure for workers to keep their belongings during their shift.

But where do you get them? They’re not the sort of thing you can pop to the wholesalers for. Well panic not employers of Britain, as Storage Concepts are on hand to bring you a wide range of custom built workplace lockers that cater for all the needs of your employees. As with everything in the Storage Concepts range, we can offer solutions that are tailored to your requirements. With custom made lockers available in numerous colours and sizes, and for any location.

Our lockers can be stacked vertically or horizontally so you can make use of the space you have available. Whilst still accommodate the needs of all your staff. With ‘clean and dirty lockers’ you can keep your dirty work clothes separate from your casual clothes to go home in. Or keep your lunchbox apart from your cans of WD40.

The lockers are accessible, making it easy for people of all abilities and sizes to use the lockers, and whichever combination of colour or capacity you go for. You can be assured that they have been built for optimum security. Our team has a proven record of successfully installing lockers into offices, schools and leisure centres that aren’t only secure, but great looking too. Designed to fit in with the environment. After all, you don’t want dull grey lockers installing in a bright and vibrant building do you?

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