Mezzanine Floor Installation – Derbyshire

Storage Concepts Limited are pleased to share with you a Mezzanine Floor job we have recently completed in Derbyshire.

This was a returning customer who wanted a Mezzanine Floor installing into their second unit which was to be a mirror image of one that we had installed for them previously. We installed the Mezzanine Floor for storage purposes and it has been fitted with a 60 minute fire rated ceiling beneath. We also installed the appropriate general lighting and emergency lighting beneath to ensure the floor was building regulation compliant.

The build area was behind a low height door so we could not use our normal building methods, using standard access plant hire items such as fork lift trucks and scissor lifts. Instead, we had to use a more labour intensive building method, and after some fairly long days we managed to complete well within the customer’s required timescale.

Do you need more space within your warehouse or building? Would you benefit from more storage or additional levels within your current location? Alternatively, have you moved to a new location and need to make the space compatible for you and your business to meet your storage needs?

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