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With a number of companies from different industries struggling financially at the present time, purchasing more warehouse or office space is not always possible. What they may not realise is one for the best ways to utilise their current space and become not only more productive, but more organised too is to adapt the current facility that they are within. Mezzanine floors can increase the working area without the expense of a new facility.

With mezzanine floors, they can be organised to suit you and your business. How you move, store and access stock is becoming more important to business and their futures. Having the room to accommodate everything they need whilst making it easy to access can be a tricky operation. This is where Storage and Interior concepts can become an invaluable partner. Specializing in the design and installation of mezzanine floors as well as storage solutions, we are in a position to offer you both our knowledge and experience in order to help you and your business find a positive resolution to your restrictions and requirements.

Using ideas formed with the future in mind, we have worked with organisation of all sizes to bring them innovative and effective methods of creating more space for offices, canteens, storage and staff-rooms. When you create a large-scale solution such as those we work on what you need not only for the present but also what could be required in the future. Creating more space to help with the growth of your company is a great idea, but if you only think of a short term resolutions you could end-up removing it and installing a bigger mezzanine floor in a few years.

At storage concepts we offer you a complete start to finish project management plan, working with you and your business from your initial inquiry, through the design and installation processes and right up to the finial sign off making sure you get what you want and require, by spending as much time as possible working with you and working around your schedule. We can take up as little of your business time as possible for the installation meaning your down time is minimal. The benefits brought about by a greater surface area as a result of installing mezzanine floors to accommodate all of your stock or other needs are endless.
Due to your stock being located all in one place you are able to locate and move products around faster because you know where they all are. Stock rotation can be easily managed with improved organisation, and the entire warehouse can look more efficient and sleek with all the stock being located and organised in one area.

One of the biggest pleasure that you can gain from running a business is realizing that you need to expand and move into a larger working environment it is a greater indicator that you have been doing a great job and all the hard-work is paying off. Unfortunately it means asking the question ‘does this mean we have to move buildings?’ cue shuddering silence. Moving house can be stressful, multiply that by a hundred and you have the pleasure of relocating your business. So why bother? Here at Storage and Interior concepts we can provide you with a brand new and exceptionally high quality mezzanine floor. A floor that can provide you with all the additionally space of a new building. A floor that can be perfectly integrated into the working environment you already have. Storage and Interior Concepts will give you everything a new building will but is more tailored to the size and layout that you are looking for.

Our mezzanine solution are inexpensive. As we have decades of experience in creating single and multi-tiered mezzanine floor purposefully designed for specific applications.
So a new production facility, retail area, admin space or storage facility can be yours, very quickly. As well as building your mezzanine floor, we also can install the products you need to make your entire facility more efficient or that can revolutionize your warehouse operation.

Retail business already take advantage of mezzanine floors in order to provide themselves with more floor space for stock, whereas if you working in an industrial setting or similar than you could potentially use the floor space for officers workers or expand your current production line. Whatever the purpose for your need to expand here at Storage and Interior Concepts we strive to help you make the most of the space you have available.

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