Showroom Installation

Traditionally, Berry BMW’s sales operation was divided into two different showrooms; one focused on selling their BMW range and the other featuring the Mini.

It was decided that there would be numerous benefits to centralising the operation, including that it would provide customers with a single destination when shopping for a BMW, including their range of Mini’s. The idea was that the new dealership would feature a prestigious showroom area, plus efficient new offices and administration areas, bringing all aspects of the business together.

Berry BMW acquired new premises, and discussed their vision with Storage Concepts. After careful inspection of the building and in-depth conversations with the client, our designers devised a concept that would satisfy all of the business’s demanding criteria.

Since the new premises had ample head height, we recommended a design that included a mezzanine floor. By putting the administrative offices above the Mini showroom we were able to maximise the appeal of the sales floor to potential purchasers.

The concept was received well and construction began. Our Interior Concept teams worked with the BMW shop-fitting team, who installed showroom partitions, ceilings, ceramic tiles and floor finishes.

As a result of designing and installing the mezzanine floor, Berry BMW were able to maximise the space and appeal of their showroom whilst using a smaller building with lower costs-per-square-foot.

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