Next Generation Update for Futuristic Designers

Location: Nottingham

A company based in the South of Nottingham had recruited Storage and Interior Concepts to rejuvenate their office work space to give it a more sophisticated yet contemporary look. We assessed the space that they had available and what they would like in terms of office design. How many people that the area would need to be catered for.

Consulting our in-house CAD office, we had designed a space in which the client was happy with and met their outlined budget. With the design and consulting staged finished. We proceeded to build and install. We vegan with the installation of the Stud Wall Partitioning. However, these partitioning walls featured a unique design qualities. The partitioning has been designed and built with sound installation to reduce noise. In addition to this each of the stud partitioning also featured inset Frameless Glass sections, this allowed the office to showcase an open spaced work environment. Subsequently each of the glass partitioning had a unique feature, with each panel encompassed a 12mm acoustic glass with electrical controlled inset blackout blinds. Allowing minimal noise to pass in or out of the office, with the blinds inset to the glass partitioning it allowed for the office user to create a private room if needed.

We also designed the partitioning to have oak effect panelling to create a more stylish but contemporary look. Within a section of the Stud partitioning had LED lighting built within along with a large screen and speakers allowing an area to host staff meetings with contemporary design. In keeping with the contemporary theme, we had the company logo inset into a stud partitioning wall, with the added effect of statically placed LED lighting the logo was made a focal point of the area.

Craftsmanship was not limited to just the walls as insulted ceiling tiles were used along with roof lightening to suit the requirements and luxury vinyl flooring the offices were give a fresh modernistic design but urbane.
The uplifting design provide by Storage and Interior concepts for the company offices we were also contracted to refit their bathrooms, we followed the design and style we had already installed in the offices but had tailored it for a restroom environment. Using full height laminate IPS panelling this allows the plumbing system to be integrated into the panelling, allowing the cubical to have a more hygienic and fresh look. The addition of matching vanity unit’s and mirrors along with sensor taps give the rest room a stylish but practical design.

Keeping in line with design, the restrooms have water-less urinals installed in-keeping with the design. However, due to the location, the ceiling has been designed with MF materials with built in spot-lights and recessed ELF lighting Wells that allows the lights to reflect of the vinyl flooring.


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