Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Joules Clothing are famous for offering quality fashion at extremely competitive prices. It has a reputation that has generated considerable success, resulting in rapid expansion and the need to increase storage capacity within their main distribution centre in Corby.

Since their business model depends on them being able to deliver the right look for the right cost, they needed to keep their distribution budget tightly buttoned down by using their warehousing space in the most cost effective way possible.

Because of our expert design knowledge and competitive pricing we were consulted at the early planning stage.

Working in close liaison with Joules, we used our in-house AutoCAD to explore several possibilities to find a design that would enable around 7,500 pallets to be stored in the most efficient way possible. We discussed the variety of fork lift trucks to ensure Joules could maximise their operating area, and then helped devise a pallet racking system that facilitated both bulk pallet storage and the manual picking of small orders using combi fork lift trucks.

After conversation with our contacts at Joules we refined the designs to match their demanding operational parameters.

Working with sprinkler and electrical contractors the Hi-Rise, narrow aisle pallet racking system was installed in a record time – proving to be a perfect fit for Joules Clothing!

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