Jacques Vert

Jacques Vert is a major national retailer of ladies’ high street fashion with its distribution centers based in Seaham and Bowburn, Co Durham. To take advantage of the increase in internet sales Jacques Vert consolidated their operation into one efficient distribution center in Bowburn.

Not only did this reduce overheads, it also gave Jacques Vert the opportunity to modernize their warehousing.

After intensive discussions, design and planning sessions, we replaced the old areas of narrow, high-rise pallet racking aisles with a 1,312 m2 (14,120 ft2) mezzanine floor. Designed to maximize the building’s footprint, the mezzanine provided a modern, two-storey storage picking facility.

Over 2,063 linear meters of storage racks gave garment-hanging for dresses, shirts and coats. Beneath the mezzanine we installed a low level picking system comprising 618 hand-picking pallet locations and 5,375 off-carton storage units.

Appointing Storage Concepts to handle the entire operation proved a wise decision on Jacques Vert’s part.

We provided a seamless, end-to-end installation service that included dismantling existing facilities, installation of a mezzanine floor, storage facilities, storage lighting, electrics, and emergency lighting/sprinkler systems in compliance with Building Regulations, fire regulations and insurers’ requirements.

We enabled a 8-week programme to be competed two weeks ahead of schedule – allowing a faster-than-anticipated transfer of stock from Seaham to Bowburn, and early receipt of vital autumn/Christmas stock from overseas.

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